The Danish Agency for Culture has chosen SIGNAL as consultants for developing a model programme of the future’s library. The programme has to come up with innovative suggestions to how the modern library can contribute to a city’s development and how the physical space can be developed to support the new role of the library in the best possible way.

The role of public libraries has changed strikingly during the last couple of years. Changed user behaviour and thereby changed functionalities result in new requirements for the physical space of libraries.

Through the agreement with SIGNAL, there has been made a prospect for the project plan continuing until June 2013. By then, the model programme needs to be ready for inspection from municipalities, building owners, architects, and entrepreneurs. The programme will be a helping tool for partners who will be offering, drawing, and building new buildings or who will renovate or extend existing buildings.

SIGNAL has experience in developing model programmes from previous cases, e.g.  Fremtidens Folskeskole and Det gode Hosice. The library project is organised with a managing group consisting of representatives from the contracting authorities: Manager of the Danish Agency for Culture Anne Mette Rahbæk (president), Administrative Manager Rols Hapel, Library Manager Jens Lauridsen, Tone Lundén, Development Consultant at Hjørring bibliotekterne, Project Manager Marianne Kofoed, Realdania, and Consultant Manager Jonna Holmgaard Larsen (Secretary).
The project team takes its starting point within SIGNAL who is taking care of the progress, the analysis, and the development of the model programme in close collaboration with the managing group of the project. Consultant Jens Thorhauge and Dorte Skot-Hansen, Head of Centre at IVA, will be working with SIGNAL’s project team as expert consultants. Furthermore, the project will have a so-called vision group connected to it which will primarily consist of participants from outside the sector. The group will have to inspire and challenge the project team and in this way contribute to the quality of the project.

The project will also invite primary and secondary stakeholders from the Danish public libraries to participate in conferences as the project goes along.

It is the ambition that the model programme will be released as a dynamic, web based tool that holds new knowledge, best practices, and recommendations for modern library buildings.

Af Signal admin.