28.11.2017 After-work meeting at DFM

On Wednesday, December 6, Gitte Andersen, Global Head of Workspace Management & Design and Christine Antorini, Chairwoman of the Research, Innovation and Higher Education Committee will talk about their blog, Kloge Kvadratmeter (Intelligent M2), at a after-work meeting of members of Danish Facilities Management (DFM).

Gitte and Christine will focus on how crucial it is for the company’s success that their facilities are being used properly. The authors will give a number of concrete examples of how the physical surroundings can be a resource to increase quality with more and better opportunities.

In addition, Gitte and Christine will provide both perspectives and concrete examples of how cross-community collaboration and close cooperation can provide better learning in daycare institutions, elementary schools and secondary education.

DFM is an association and the only Facility Management (FM) forum in Denmark. DFM brings together industry leaders, advisors and suppliers. The purpose of the association is to secure and strengthen focus on the many initiatives that are in the field both in Denmark and abroad.

Read more about the after-work meeting here.

By Sofie Antorini.