co-working product


Our co-working solution, all serviced by ISS, brings new levels of both flexibility & innovation to your business. In partnership with you, we convert free space within the office to a co-working, incubator environment, ensuring your place supports innovative co-creation with local partners while creating a flexible swing space for you. Our product provides a platform to attract start-ups and engage in new collaborations to drive innovation within organisation structures, while achieving savings on rent and maintenance costs.


  • A full serviced & designed co-working product with IFM solutions for sharing workplace facilities to co-create, and at the same time, save m2, rent and FM costs
  • As small innovative entrepreneurs predominantly look for short term leases, the CO-WOKING PRODUCT will serve as a swing space for the customer

Added value

  • A place and a platform to attract start-ups
  • Access to swing space over time to get more flexibility in the use of space on demand, instead of inflexible lease agreements with landlords, when need for extra space over short term periods
  • Increasing flexibility and agility by creating a swing space that can be shared with others, thereby sharing and reducing costs