Copenhagen Business School

SIGNAL has been consulting CBS in the areas of: innovative learning environments, rethinking/optimisation of existing space as well as user involvement of teachers, students and administrative employees. It concerns e.g. idea proposal for the use of the middle Building at Porcelænsgrunden with a focus on innovative learning environments connected to reverted administrative working environments.

In that context the departments “Kommunikation” (Communications), “IT”, “CBS Executive MBA” and “Ledelse, Politik og Filosofi” (Management, Politics and philosophy) gone through some optimisations of existing working areas. SIGNAL also consulted regarding new arrangement of the reception- and information area, which should be a new service point for all users of CBS. A concept for a new library without physical books and with room for study environments was elaborated.

In continuation of the optimisation of existing working areas a pilot project was established for an innovative and activity based research- and study environment with free seating / shared seats / informal meeting areas etc.



  • CLIENT: Copenhagen Business School
  • YEAR: 2008-2011
  • SERVICES: Workshops // Building owner consultancy // Space design