Dokk 1

The main idea of the construction project is to build the future library and to transform the inner area of the harbor in Aarhus into a vibrant and active urban space. Here citizens and visitors can experience the city encountering with the water and discover the new possibilities of culturel activities, experiences and play.

DOKK1 will be the new main library and citizen service that will communicate the future media and services to the citizens. The building will be an open and accessible learning- and experience environment which will provide opportunity for experiences and activities as well as peace, insight and reflection. With its multiple facilities to social activities, association and networking DOKK1 contributes to promoting democrazy and community.

DOKK1 will be an icon for Aarhus and it will witness of a forward thinking and innovative city because of its visionary and sustainable arcithecture.

SIGNAL has joined together with the wayfinding specialists from Triagonal Aps and the engineering company Alectia A/S. Aarhus Kommune explains their allocation of the project to SIGNAL based on “The team has offered and provided a convincing proces and strong capabilities in interior design, invovlvement, wayfinding, knowledge of products and analyses”.

The first assignement is to complete a proces of development where the team coorporates with multiple user groups with the purpose of developing a plan of the space design for DOKK1. Then follows a number of supplies which combined will create an original, imaginative and experience-based space design that also integrate interactive elements and new technology.

The construction is to be finished on the harbor at the end of 2014.


  • CLIENT: Aarhus Kommune
  • YEAR : 2013 -
  • SERVICES: Process of development // Interior design counsultancy