Design of multifunctional room at the back of the library. The multifunctional room should be suitable for a number of the events that the library offers; public lecturers, dialogues, music events ect. In addition, the room will have to be a supplement to other hang-out areas on that floor during weekdays. Design of study space in new bays that will be established on the other floors in connection to changes of balconies, and the existing balconies around the atrium. The plan is to implement a number of different spaces for studying which apply to different segments – preferably in a way that encourages different functions in one design so that it appeals to different segments and in a way that makes it possible for the library to move functionalities over time – and at the same time makes use of the bays in a flexible way.


  • CLIENT: Københavns kommune - Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningen
  • YEAR: 2011
  • SERVICE: Needs Analysis // Workshops // Space Design // Special Design