Process management


The right process design and competent process management is the key to reach successful results that add value for users.

Our process consulting is built on experience from hundreds of projects using user involvement based on thoroughly tested dialogue tools. Our process design consists of 3 stages – discover, design, deliver.

During the first stage – discover – we use different innovation methods like workshops, field studies, research, analyses, registrations, and observations to give our customers a new insight in the unfulfilled potential and new possibilities. The next stage is design where the insight will be turned into solutions. Taking a starting point in the strategic goals and the insight in latent needs, customised solutions will be worked out in collaboration with the users. The last stage – deliver – is where the suggested designs are implemented and followed by quality assurance of the product delivery and later on evaluations.

Our experienced process and project managers use SIGNAL’s unique 10+1 process tool for managing the projects. This tool contains customised approaches and process descriptions for design and management of strategy development, workshops, needs analyses, communication, design, and evaluations. This ensures that our customers get a smooth and innovative process where successful results are reached fast and efficiently.

CBS has benefitted significantly from SIGNAL’s consultancy throughout the collaboration (…) As an organisation, we felt we were recognised and understood while at the same time we have been challenged in areas where we needed inspiration and new ways of thinking. This has meant that changes which would otherwise have been followed by scepticism and insecurity have now been turned into safe and challenging processes.

Gert Bechlund , Director - Campus & Facilities; Copenhagen Business School