User involvement


Our experiences show that the best results are reached through user involvement – and that this particular involvement is the most valuable asset when it comes to ensuring ownership in the implementation of visions.

Our experienced process managers use facilitation methods that ensure innovative results and useful solutions through engaged involvement of the users. We base our work on thoroughly tested methods to uncover latent needs – among other methods we use games, photo diaries, referenceture, workshops with user groups, focus group interviews, observations, and other field studies as well as story telling about the future. All of these are tools that help give the participants of the workshop inspiration and a common starting point for discussions about existing and wanted correlations between space and behaviour.

Our work draws on solid experience within conceptualisation and facilitation of workshops with up to 250 participants focussing on the use of space – including workshops with 1:1 assessments of more concrete suggestions to space design wished to be discussed and qualified by users.

Throughout the whole process, SIGNAL has taken their starting point in our needs and has thereby solved the task in accordance with our requirements. User involvement has been very important to us and especially in relation to this, SIGNAL’s working methods have proved to be effective and considerate when it comes to the insecurity that naturally evokes when moving into a new place. Professionshøjskolen UCC has been very satisfied with the collaboration process and the concrete result for a future design of our workplace.

Karen-Ditte Nielsen , Project Consultant, Professionshøjskolen UCC