Creating flexible solutions to ensure collaboration, connectivity and productivity on the back of COVID-19, is an important step when presenting viable, resilient and fun solutions for the future workplace.

Flexible work environments make people twice as likely to report a positive impact on personal productivity and well-being – and having a best friend at work yields more profitability, as it increases engagement at work. Presenting flexible solutions for the future workplace will include a combination of the office, the home workstation – and maybe also local “meeting hubs” with access to the latest digital platforms and technologies. These flexible work formats will all need to promote a productive, well and connected work life. From an ergonomic and healthy home workstation setup with access to necessary technologies and formats for staying present, virtually – to an office where mutual communication, collaboration, innovation and informal meetings takes place. All with great curated service experiences that are worth the commute!

At SIGNAL, we have gathered 20 years of evidence collected from organisations across industries and sectors and we know, that there are many great and constructive solutions to be applied.

By Mads Tamborg.