SIGNAL has been our consultancy through two years; from the initial calculations and decisions regarding the design project to the final moving in. During that period, we have benefitted from SIGNAL on a strategic as well as an operational level (…). 

One of our focus areas has been to find out how DeloitteHuset in the best way possible can support our business and learning culture, including collaboration across branches and knowledge sharing among specialists, experienced and inexperienced employees etc. (…). 

Throughout the process, SIGNAL has delivered great value – both when it comes to specialist input, process management, consultancy, and building management. They have been able to connect design with our organisational goals, strategies, and values. SIGNAL has had a close and fruitful collaboration with our internal consultants as well as they have cooperated extremely well with the other advisors and suppliers connected to the project.

Ole Ferbing , Partner, DELOITTE

SIGNAL has been part of the team of advisors that’s been key to accomplishing the design and implementation of our workplace strategy in our new HQ.

SIGNAL has been responsible for the entire workplace design and furnishing – the office area and workstations, support areas, the canteen, the meeting center, the design of all custom furniture solutions etc. The design of the workplace has enabled us to benefit the fullest from our workplace strategy and furthermore, the employees now feel a great pride in showing our new workplace to the rest of the world.

SIGNAL has been part of the strategic workplace design through all phases of the new headquarter and has become our trusted advisors through all aspects of the process.

Mette Nordenström, Senior Project Manager, Nordea ,

SIGNAL advised the Confederations of Danish Industries (DI) with the workplace design of their new HQ Industriens Hus in Copenhagen from 2011 until moving in 2013 and had a central role throughout the process. SIGNAL framed and helped define the success criteria and desired outcomes with the top management, involved and secured project ownership of both managers and employees, and produced scenarios for layout and detailed interior plans.

Finally, SIGNAL was responsible for the entire inventory process with tender and implementation of the detailed interior design during the ‘moving-in phase’.

At the Confederations of Danish Industries (DI), we greatly benefited from SIGNAL’s high level of expertise, professional consultancy and years of experience in strategic workplace management and design.

Bjarne Palmstrøm, Deputy Director, DI ,

In connection with an extensive building project at CAMPUS VEJLE, we have had a very positive and rewarding collaboration with SIGNAL during the summer of 2011. The task consisted of two main parts, namely to carry out a thorough needs analysis regarding the buildings and to come up with a visionary teaching concept for modern school buildings. Both tasks were solved in the best possible way (…)

We are especially happy that the suggestion resulted in an interesting and constructive vision regarding the merger between VUC Vejle and Vejle Handelsskole (…) 

The board of directors at CAMPUS VEJLE also gives SIGNAL its best recommendation in regards to the personal and collaborative level.

Carl VIlhelm Korup , Vice-President, Campus Vejle

Kerteminde Kommune hired SIGNAL to collaborate with the Town Council on the making of a decisional balance sheet for gathering the administrative tasks within one Town Hall. They came up with scenarios for future needs for space based on different hypotheses regarding design and being within the physical space of a workplace. 

Seen in relation to the existing number of square meters, the scenarios all proved that less space is actually needed and thereby the operating costs could be reduced in the future (…).

We have been very satisfied with the presented suggestions and the presentation SIGNAL gave to employees as well as politicians


SIGNAL took care of the following tasks in a professional way and with a short deadline: process design (…), qualitative and quantitative coverage of the building stock (…), extensive user involvement (…), and making and presentation of report (…).

METROPOL finds that SIGNAL is one of the most competent consultancies on the market when it comes to user driven processes as well as strategic reprogramming of existing buildings.

Thanks to the collaboration, METROPOL has been able to make an ambitious and long term strategy for developing the total building stock focusing on optimisation and on releasing the building potential.

Nicolai Kragh Petersen , President of Motropolitan University College

As an educational institution, we have many conflicting needs which all have to be fulfilled through our physical space. Throughout the whole process, SIGNAL has taken a starting point in our needs and has thereby solved the task in accordance with our requirements.

User involvement has been very important to us, and especially in relation to this, SIGNAL’s working methods have proved to be effective and considerate when it comes to the insecurity that naturally evokes when moving into a new place.

Professionshøjskolen UCC has been very satisfied with the collaboration process and the final result for a future design of our workplace.

Karen-Ditte Nielsen , Project Consultant, Professionshøjskolen UCC

We have been very satisfied with our collaboration with SIGAL and with the final result.

We especially appreciate that SIGNAL quickly understood what kind of design that would suit a company like ours and that they helped us bring our values to life through the design. It was important for us that our work processes, knowledge sharing, and social life at the office was taken into consideration. 

Our wish was that our guests would, as soon as they entered the building, understand that we value openness, energy, professionalism, and casualness. We believe this wish has come true.

Iben Mai Winsløw, FRØLUNDWINSLØW ,

SIGNAL has been consulting Bird & Bird from November 2015 until September 2017 in connection with our relocation to our new office at Harbor House in Nordhavn. Here, SIGNAL has been responsible for both concept, design and implementation. It has been important for us that the new concept and design supports our vision as one of the first in the law firms in the industry to move away from cellular offices and towards working activity-based in open environments that support our global perspective, knowledge sharing and collaboration across.

The new design and concept has brought us great value. An important point here is to emphasize SIGNAL’s ability to stand by the key design decisions, despite various alterations and overall requirements, while continuously taking care of our concerns regarding new ways of working in open spaces and environments. It has been particularly important for us to ensure quiet zones and peaceful areas – both for the concentration-intensive work and the confidential conversations.Thanks to SIGNAL’s advisory and process management we didn’t have to make compromises with either design or vision.

Bird & Bird and SIGNAL have had close cooperation through all parts of the process, and SIGNAL has fully facilitated and completed the need for management and coordination between the project’s various actors. It has been of great benefit to us – especially during the challenging parts of the process.

Peter Dann Jørgensen, Partner, Bird & Bird ,