Blanca San Vicente

  • Uddannelse: Interior Architect/Designer MDD
Tel. :
+45 20 80 62 73

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Blanca is a dedicated, experienced interior designer, that takes projects from the idea development to the concrete implementation. She knows how to balance the relationship between interior design and construction in technically complex buildings with high demands on well-functioning workplaces, learning facilities, or commercial functions. She has a holistic approach to every project, what leads them to high-end results.

Blanca had her own studio in the Basque Country and prior to moving to Denmark, she worked in a architect studio in Paris. She has been involved in a range of diverse projects, e.g. offices and school projects. Her working background and experience gives Blanca an international perspective on projects.

Blanca has a keen interest in how projects are planned and in executing design processes from a design thinking base. Blanca is a firm believer in identifying and analysing problems is necessary for achieving optimal outcomes on a project design.