Kaj Helstrand

  • Uddannelse: Designer, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design
+45 40 85 66 16

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Kaj Helstrand is Director of SIGNAL DK.

Kaj has key compentencies within the field of strategic design, business organization and team management. He has studied Spatial Design at the Danish School of Design and have, through his long-standing international career, gained a deep understanding on the diversity of elements that are significant in working with the utilisation of workspace, from a strategic point of view.

Kaj has the overall responsibility for operating and developing SIGNAL DK. This includes the continuous development of SIGNAL as a professional knowledge center within space and behavior, where productive solutions are developed and provided for all of SIGNAL’s clients in Denmark and in the Nordic region. Kaj is also responsible for ensuring that SIGNAL DK is an attractive workplace.

Kaj has a long international career behind him. Through the past 15 years he has worked as strategic manager at different design companies, from which he has been managing projects in The Middle-East, Asia and South America. Kaj have been a trusted advisor when international companies, in the process of establishing regional and local offices worldwide, have wanted to ensure the alignment of global strategies and local conditions. Kaj have a long-lasting experience managing projects from concept to handover, and brings SIGNAL special value within the field of strategic space design and change management.