Provides clients with

An ISS product that converts free space within the office to co-working space. It’s a full serviced co-working product providing the client with an IFM solution of sharing certain workplace facilities to save m2 and subsequently rent and FM costs.

Used for space optimisation and gross occupancy by sharing certain workplace facilities. Additionally the product provides lease pricing benefits, as renting short-term is typically more expensive than renting long-term.

As small innovative entrepreneurs predominantly look for short term leases, the BRIGHT product will also serve as a swing space for the customer because of the typical short lease periods in co-working products.

Expected benefits

  • Rent and FM costs savings due to the BRIGHT product sublease set up all serviced by ISS
  • Access to swing space over time to get more flexibility in the use of space on demand instead of inflexible lease agreements with landlords when need for extra space over short term periods
  • Bringing corporate & incubators together, creating innovation

Potential savings

  • Substantial rent and maintenance cost savings for the converted m2
  • Around 50% return on market rent and rates can be expected for the vacant areas as the need for sub-letting is eliminated
  • A place and a platform to attract start-ups.