Provides clients with

A global, regional or local strategy for future employee / customer workplace experience including design & service guidelines.

A strategy to streamline, brand safeguard and quality assure the various local workplace locations into a larger global/regional perspective – aligning both global guidelines and company DNA as well as local – with regional touch, local flavor and interaction with local communities/resources.

Giving guidelines, standards, recommendations to local design and curated experience.

Expected benefits

  • Provides a platform for strategically improving employee/customer experience by describing concepts for how to curate specific experiences and how they connect to the workplace design and the use of space
  • Ensuring that all company locations demonstrate and live the company DNA, comply with company workplace culture and follow organisation wide consistent spatial practices

Potential savings

  • A workplace product to concurrently increase employee experience and satisfaction, retention as well as increased performance
  • Providing a standardised facility management approach
  • Provides a global common alignment platform for facility management, consultants and landlords in terms of future project management and workplace design