Provides clients with

SIGNAL’s thoroughly tested workplace product for customers who want’s to relocate – ’from new needs to new spaces’. Customer lease advice, process and project management.

SIGNAL provides tenant consultancy and client consultancy throughout the process starting with uncovering new and future needs, translating them into specific requirements for the new spaces, and helps searching the current market for the new location (shortlist) as well as technical due diligence and lease contract.

Management of both internal and external processes in relation to the rebuild / building new – handover and move-in at the new location/new spaces, as well as internal CM & Design process.

Expected benefits

  • To ensure coherence between location, brand, people, experience, productivity and space
  • Document potential for lower maintenance cost, less use of m2, and increased quality of the new workplace

Potential savings

  • Based on previous experience typical savings are space optimisation, increased employee satisfaction and improved productivity