Service experiences of tomorrow


Did you know…

that 50% of millennials believe that the right experiences and services at the workplace are important prerequisites for feeling proud of one’s organisation?​

Companies will experience an increased demand to how customised, on demand service experiences are curated at the future workplace

​These will become more advanced than the user journeys of today, ​moving from a traditional “one size fits all” perception of services, to great, customised, on demand service experiences.​

“The changing demands to service experiences will bring forth new requirements to the service personnel delivering the experiences. ​We will welcome new profiles with great network community building skills and abilities to  become frontrunners, to demonstrate future behaviours and with a license to ACT. They will do more than ticking boxes on touchpoints by providing daily support for flexible and productive working, focusing on individual needs and delivering practical and emotional support, both at the office and at home.”
– Gitte Andersen, Global Head of SIGNAL

By Andrea Young.