Provides clients with

SIGNAL has a unique and very comprehensive in-house databank, SIGNAL BENCHMARK, with the data of all our projects dating back 18/years. SIGNAL Benchmark covers the connection between space and behavior, how we work and employee satisfaction. Our data collection consists of:

An online survey collecting data on how the physical surroundings of the workplace support current work processes and needs of the employees. The survey consists of two parts covering culture & habits, and a diary part.

Observations on occupancy data; the use of work stations, meeting rooms and activity in other areas, assessment of mess and noise on department level and identity/brand on an overall level. Sensor data covers temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, and overall use of stations, meeting rooms, lounges, canteen, etc. Compare booked meetings rooms with actual use.

We provide a solid benchmarking source for statistic correlations, tendencies, causalities and empiric insights and evidence on the interdependency between space and performance knowing what employees value in relation to a great place to work.

Expected Benefits

  • Benchmarking is a powerful tool in the decision-making process for facility management e.g. portfolio management, preventive maintenance, operating costs budgeting, service level agreements, potential building upgrades and investment projects
  • Our ‘before and after measurement’ will document the value creation in all our projects

Potential savings

  • Ensuring yearly focus on initiatives that will increase the employee satisfaction and productivity. Ensuring focus on where there is potential to optimise space – as is, a work desk is in average empty 50 % of the time
  • Connecting space, people and productivity
  • All our data and evidence is collected in a published book “Space at Work” or “Smart M2” written by the founder of SIGNAL Gitte Andersen