“Space Matters” is SIGNAL’s inspirational booklet highlighting the demands, expectations and needs that the next generation of employees have towards their first job. We have engaged with students from 3 universities in New York, 3 in Pune, India and 3 in UK and gathered lots of valuable insight. The booklet also presents SIGNAL’s 6 workplace products, trends and tendencies on the future of work.

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In the book you can read Gitte Andersen , Global Head of Workplace Management and Design and Head of SIGNAL UK, chapter on the shift from facility management to experience management. In the chapter, she explains what data tells us about the shifting employee demands to workplaces, and how these will come to shape future FM organiations, focusing especially on creating experiences and community building.

You can also gain insights into the importance of measuring the outcome of a new workplace design, and what role FM plays to this extend.

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Space means much more than we can imagine. In this book the authors draw our attention to this aspect by putting space on the organisation’s agenda. The book focuses on spaces in the workplace and the best ways of putting spaces to work. The authors demonstrate how to enable spaces to support the people who work in them, and thereby enhance the work they carry out in these spaces.

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Smart m2 is written for the many leaders and employees interested in working with sustainable progress of learning environments – in the whole municipality or in the individual day care center, in a primary school, a high school or a technical college – and who raise the question: how can we better the of use our space resources for the benefit children and young people?

Smart m2 is a co-creation book for institution managements and employees, boards, politicians, and administrations willing to work with ‘the room as the third pedagogue’. The book presents an agenda of possibilities for space, behaviour, learning, and welfare and provides simple methods to identify and transform the many unused space resources only waiting to be activated.

There are loads of unused resources for better learning environments in day care facilities, schools and youth education programmes. On average, a school’s rooms are only in use 50% of the time from 8am-2pm. And the most expensive specialised classrooms are only in use 35% of the time.

By simple mapping methods on the use of space in institutions, the book provides concrete tools for creating ‘more for less’ in all institutions from 0-18 years of age. This by thinking in communities, co-creation, flexible rooms both in- and outdoors – and all within existing construction.

There are a number of “How To” chapters that provide concrete inspiration for working with space and learning based on different team communities, inclusion, outdoor school, workshops and production, movement and collaboration with the neighbourhood gold e.g. the local association activities.

The book is supported by Realdania and DSEB, and the Schools Association, KL and Danish Business Schools and Colleges are network partners.

It is a con amore-project. Authors, Gitte Andersen and Christine Antorini, have taken the initiative for the book because their opinion is, that there is so much potential in working with space and learning. They first met each other back when the project New Nordic School took place and that has been their source of inspiration.

The book is published in Danish by Praxis in May 2017 (original title ‘Kloge Kvadratmeter’), and the English version ‘Smart m2’ is published by SIGNAL in April 2018.

With the book comes a digital tool for projects (in Danish).

Send an e-mail to info@signal.issworld.com, if you’re interested in buying a copy of the book. The book costs 199 DKK + shipping (250 DKK including shipping in Denmark)

By Sofie Antorini.