Using technology to create better, safer and more connected ways of working on the back of COVID-19, is an important step when presenting viable, resilient and fun solutions for the future workplace.

83% of millennials rank technology that supports their individual needs at work, in the top 3 most important aspects of their future workplace – and most employees feel unproductive for several minutes a day due to technology that doesn’t work. When presenting solutions for the future workplace, organisations will focus on an increased and continuous integration between technology, workplaces and experiences. This will bring forth solutions to nudge employees into safe behaviours, inform about safety distances, peak capacity within the building – and provide on time customised service experiences at both the office and the home workstation. New software will be introduced to better support virtual collaboration, knowledge sharing, informal meetings and great fun at work.

At SIGNAL, we have gathered 20 years of evidence collected from organisations across industries and sectors and we know, that there are many great and constructive solutions to be applied.

By Mads Tamborg.