Reconsidering the purpose and the role of the physical workplace is key to create viable and future proof work environments, on the back of COVID-19.

When creating the future workplace, organisations will need to focus on the office as a mutual arena for collaboration, communication, innovation and informal meetings to take place in various formats. Increased automation, digitisation, and new technologies will altogether place a growing focus on research, innovation and continuous education –and repositioning the organisation towards the outside world while adapting to the future, will become vital. In order to succeed, businesses will need to focus on everything that makes us innovative, capable of facing future challenges and deliver world-class products and services. All brought to life in a physical workplace that enables different communities and work cultures to collaborate in multiple formats, while celebrating work relationships as a driver for engagement, productivity and innovation.

At SIGNAL, we have gathered 20 years of evidence collected from organisations across industries and sectors and we know, that there are many great and constructive solutions to be applied.

By Mads Tamborg.