How to use the workplace as a tool to support business transformation? In this video Gitte Andersen, Global Head of Workplace Management & Design in SIGNAL & Head of SIGNAL UK explains the concept behind The Mental Rebuild® – using space as an enabler for productivity. By using the m2 resources at hand and without rebuilding or moving any walls, The Mental Rebuild® makes it possible to improve the way people collaborate, communicate and innovate, only by challenging the habits for how we use space. We call it more for less, and this is something you can do tomorrow…

Smart m2

In this video Gitte Andersen and Christine Antorini explain the aim and the content of “Smart m2”, published by Praxis in 2017.

“Smart m2” is a co-creation book written for leaders and employees interested in working with sustainable progress of learning environments – in the municipality or in the individual day care center, in a primary school, a high school or a technical college – while raising the question: how can we better the of use our space resources to benefit children and young people?

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