With a continuous focus on achieving potentials from cost reduction, many organisations will adopt a new indirect and long term approach to secure long lasting value in the future workplace. 

A new and more viable understanding of the need to invest in people up front to ensure long term return on investment, is currently emerging within organisations worldwide. This approach will place a strong focus on  presenting great experiences and services at the future workplace, such as advanced mental and physical health programmes and life long learning initiatives, to reduce sick leave, increase engagement, retention and attraction and in the end, boost productivity.  Creating the right strategies for this cost agenda will require organisations to gather the correct data and evidence to document the right match match between investments and gained value, and in return this could enable expected value to be increased significantly!

At SIGNAL, we have gathered 20 years of evidence collected from organisations across industries and sectors and we know, that there are many great and constructive solutions to be applied.

By Mads Tamborg.