workplace design

Provides clients with

A workplace product that deep dive into the single building workplace design, connecting outcome with workplace and service design.

Looking into the process from frame setting, specific workplace design, taken in use and follow up.

A workplace product that in 10 steps takes global workplace strategies and translate them into the specific single building – implementing all guidelines global and customising them locally.

Expected benefits

  • Connecting the top management’s future demands to outcome to specific workplace design that promotes performance
  • Ensuring the connection between space, people and productivity – using space as a strategic tool to performance

Potential savings

  • Improved colleague and customer experience, employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Supports and links top management’s demands to outcome with the workplace design – nudging productivity
  • More for less: You incorporate flexibility to future-proof the workplace and you don’t build more than necessary – instead you align use of space with current ways of working